Episode 4: Things I have learned from sleeping with your husband.

Hi Shirley, Did you miss me? I haven't had news. I still don't. Except perhaps to let you know, if it makes any difference to you at all: It seems I have learned absolutely nothing from sleeping with your husband. Kind Regards, Barbara


Episode 3 : Things I learned from sleeping with your husband.

  Hi Shirley, I have been unfair, haven’t I, coming into your life uninvited, unsettling you and then leave you hanging? I have been busy, I am sorry. Sometimes I have the time, but I need to be in the right emotional state to write to you. It is not an easy thing this one... Continue Reading →

What I know for sure

I am writing this post as a very tired person. I may come back to edit it later but I fear if I don’t write it this very second, I may lose it. Please excuse any mistakes you may come across. I am a very picky person, in how I give. I think to a... Continue Reading →

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