Episode 1: Things I learned from sleeping with your husband

DISCLAIMER: This story may or may not be fiction.

Let me tell you how we met, your husband and I.

I was at a party in September of 2009, and had just discovered that the guy I was dating then was not entirely ‘together’. People had hinted, but no one ever really told me how bad it was. That day at that party was the first time I would see it with my own eyes.

Anyway I am standing against something, a wall, a car I don’t remember, it’s not important now. I have my eyes fixed on the ground, I am questioning my whole entire life.

Eventually I decide I am at a party, I may as well enjoy myself, and so I ready myself to face and deal with my shame and take I a deep breath. I begin to lift my eyes off the ground, I notice the sand again.  There’s so much sand, it has bothered me from the moment we arrived. I hate sand, is there anything more unnecessary? Honestly!

I am still thinking about how unnecessary sand is when my eyes find just a few feet away from me, a sight to behold.

A pair of the most exquisite legs, every one that knows me knows what I mean when I say exquisite legs. Magwengwenyana so. I have gotten myself in the trickiest of situations because of these legs. Your husband being an example of the tricky situations.They, his legs, are clad in dark blue jeans, you too would remember these jeans I imagine. There are people around him, other insignificant legs, I hiss under my breath at them.  I look from his legs up, I am dying to see the rest of him.


I don’t know if the word actually left my throat though, I had no wind left in me. Seven years later, his body has filled out a bit, his shoulders seem broader, he looks taller and sports a bit of a beer boep. I tease him about the boep but even with all the changes that come with ageing(LOL), he still takes my breath away, every single time.

I have since told him this story of how my eyes found him, it makes him a little shy even though I suspect he likes hearing it. But I tell it because it’s important for the history books; that it be known, that long before he saw me, I had already chosen him.

Two hours after my eyes found him, we met officially.

When I hugged him, and felt everything that I felt,I had no way of knowing that he was your husband.



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